Monday, January 30, 2012

League of Legends - Introducing Locket of the Iron Solari, and farewell to Stark's Fervor

Hey guys Riot just came out with some new info on some item additions and edits that will be making their way into the game within the next few weeks. I posted a video about the changes that you can check out below. Here's a link to the thread as well:

Minecraft Exp Farm - Works in Patch 1.1 15 levels / 5 min or less

Hey guys just wanted to post a link to a new video I made exploring the possiblities of "monster grinder" or "monster farm" type contraptions in Minecraft. In this video I have a mob collector where mobs take fall damage and then are easily one hittable. This allows maximum exp gain with no risk to the player. A good way to get higher level enchants.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to Get Alistar for FREE in League of Legends as well as a FREE Skin for Alistar

Hey everyone, it recently came to my attention that Riot is providing a way to obtain Alistar for free simply for subscribing to their YouTube channel. In this video I cover where to go to get this Alistar skin (which will unlock Alistar if you don't have him)

Please Follow me on Twitter!

Hello everyone, I'd just like to post and tell everything that I recently joined Twitter. You can find me @MehieGames. Here is a link to my twitter as well:!/MehieGames

And as always you can find my channel on YouTube at:

Saturday, January 7, 2012

World of Warcraft - ElvUI the UI I use for playing World of Warcraft

Creating this video for a quick little show of where to go to find the interface I use, ElvUI. ElvUI is a heavily modified version of TukUI and is completely adjustable. In this video I go over the options menu and how I configure the addon to play on all my characters.

World of Warcraft - How to Play a Holy Paladin in Patch 4.3 and In General

I've gotten a lot of requests to make a kind of how-to on how to play a Paladin including such things as which stats to focus on and talents and glyphs to go for. This video will explain everything in its entirety.